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In issue 78 we have an exciting range of essays. Professor Martin Salisbury reflects on the life and art of the celebrated illustrator, John Lawrence, who has just turned ninety. Lawrence’s designs for diverse literary texts create a strong spell, and the same is true of Peter Newell, an interpreter of Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland; Warren Clements takes us into his haunting world. Equally vibrant is the art of the contemporary illustrator, Josephine Birch. Jo talks candidly about her imagery, which varies between humorous subjects and moody landscapes. We also have a strong cast from the nineteenth century. Dr Jacqueline Banerjee considers the art of Robert Taylor Pritchett, who produced vivid illustrations of diverse locations, and Professor Philip Allingham examines the haunting work of Luke Fildes, one of Dickens’s lesser-known collaborators, and the creator of illustrations for the author’s unfinished novel, The Mystery of Edwin Drood. Brian McAvera continues his highly insightful series on French practitioners of the nineteenth century with a look at the droll commentaries of Daumier and Professor Catherine Golden completes our tour around the world – which encompasses British, French and American artists – with an essay exploring the pictures in her favourite version of the Haggadah.

Spring 2024 Issue 79 In the forthcoming issue of Illustration (79) we have some great artists! Catherine Golden opens the magazine with an article on Peter Sis, an internationally acclaimed illustrator whose dream-like, haunting images are illuminated by wonderful colours. We then have some wonderful work by Maria Greyn is, an artist of delicate designs, along with droll pictures for the young by Leslie Brooke, whose achievements are traced in an essay by Warren Clements. We have some sharp contrasts too. James Freemantle talks about his striking new edition of Orwell’s 1984, a book illustrated by brutalist images to match the text. Changing gear, we are proud to present a dazzling array of original prints by members of the Lynk Collective, whose recent works explore the life and art of Artemisia Gentileschi. These artists’ contributions are at the cutting edge, challenging expectations, but we have some left-of-centre Victorians as well. The late Paul Goldman is represented by his essay on George Pinwell, a lyrical ruralist of the 1860s, and the Editor considers the troubling illustrations of the infamous fairy painter, Richard Dadd. Brian McAvera completes the picture with an essay on the lesser-known satirist Charles Bertall, an influential figure in France. We finish off, as usual, with news, reviews, and details of exhibitions.

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Illustration - Volume 21 - Winter 2024 - Issue 82


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