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Printmaking Today - Winter December 2019

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Cover: City People (2018) Janet Brooke RE. Screenprint 310 x 540mm

Cover: From the series Ubu tells the Truth (1996-7) William Kentridge. Etching, aquatint, 355 x 495 mm

Cover: Dark Bergs Lancaster Sound (2017) by Barbara Rae Monotype, 380 x 380 mm (paper size 760 x 560 mm); image by Jed Gordon

Cover Image - Sealed Silence (2017) by Lisa Wright. Screenprint 400 x 300 mm Edition 35. Printed and Published by Advanced Graphics London

Cover Image : Dὕrer's Solid (Pink) (2017) by Leslie Mutchler and Jason URban, EL Wite and acrylic Branching out @JULMstudios interactive artwork

Cover Image : Photo ( untitled) documentation from the series Brudas (2017) by Zuzanna Dyrad. Woodcut print on skin, sizes variable. Photo by Malgorzata Pawinksa


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