Printmaking Today - Autumn 2018 - Issue 107

Year 2018
Volume 27
Issue 107

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Autumn 2019 Issue 107


William Kentridge - Ubu tells the Truth (1996-7)  Etching, acquatint, drypoint, 335 x 495 mm

In Conversation
Shauna McGowan finds photography is embedded in the strong, graphic works of Jordan McQuaid

Printmaker's Diary
Florence Neal, Director of the Kentler International Drawing Space welcomes the revival in fine art printmaking

William Kentridge
Traces of Time Film, opera, tapestry, animation, performance, book arts, drawing; in whatever medium William Kentridge creates work, by highlighting the absurd, he exposes the truth in the tragedy of human condition. Paul Coldwell discovers printmaking is at the heart of it all

Piia Lehti
Out of the Forest Ralph Kiggell recalls with pleasure a time spent working alongside the Finnish artist Piia Lehti, whose gentle yet provocative etchings and screenprints interplay themes of ecology, myth and transmission, leaving a lasting legacy

Charles Shearer
Charles Shearer's prints present complex if often playful conundrums that catch the eye and imagination but don't readily answer the questions they pose, writes Mike Sims

Dionisia Salas
Pattern Play Painter-printmaker, Dionisia Salas, plays with a vibrant colour palette, layering print techniques to develop hypnotic, energetic patterns writes Yolande Norris

Michael Peel
Exposure Time Michael Peel (1940 - 2017) dedicated his life to highlighting social and political injustice. Michael Taylor of Paupers Press remembers an artist who made graphic and ever-relevant prints

Print Workshop
Blossoming Competition Martyn Lucas, Exhibitions Co-ordinator at West Yorkshire Print Workshop, expalins the background the the The Flourish Award for Excellence in Printmaking at WYPW, its multiple benefit to workshop members and how it is growing ever greater in its aims

Artist's Eye
A Mighty Oak Grows
An ambitious 15- part work The Shadow Tree by Maite Cascón ARE was selected for the Printmaking Today prize at the RE Originals exhibition. When installed together, the 15 individual prints form a large-scale tree laden with symbolism and characters from folk tales

Artists' Books
Of Men and Monsters
Artists' Books A call for book arts interpreting Shelley's Frankstein elecited a wide response. Sarah Bodman speaks to four of the selected artists

State of Print
From their Ministry of Affairs in Dundee, Scott Hudson (DCA Print Studio) and Dr Paul Liam Harrison (DJACD) propose a boundaryless nation of artists. Read on to gain a passport to the printed corridors of citzen (SOP) power

Oil, Water, Wood
A new approach to lithography uses wood as a matrix instead of traditional stone of metal plate. Raquel Amat Parra describes the Mokulito process

3D printing
opens up a huge field of opportunities to the printmaker. Stephen Mumberson RE documents his experiments in 3D printing and the exponentially expanding possibilies for contemporary printmaking practice

Under the Hammer
Auction News  Romina Provenzi compares estimates to prices achieved in the international salerooms and discovers a consistently strong market for America Pop and British Street Art

Senior Curator Gill Saunders introduces the newly reopened Prints & Drawings Study Room at the Victoria & Albert Museum

Book Reviews

Book Received