Printmaking Today: notes for contributors


Printmaking Today is published quarterly at the beginning of March, June, September and December.

Copy dates are three months in advance of publication, ie, 1st December for March issue, 1st March for June issue, 1st June for September issue and 1st September for December issue.

Limitations of space mean that we cannot guarantee to publish any article in any specific issue. We try, wherever possible, to publish an article in timely fashion, eg concurrently with a featured artist's exhibition.


Writers should contact the Editor in the first instance with an outline of a proposed article. All proposals will be considered carefully. If the article is suitable, the Editor will commission the article and stipulate the deadline and word count.

Articles submitted to Printmaking Today should be original contributions. If the article has been submitted elsewhere, this should be disclosed. Printmaking Today may be interested in reprinting relevant articles or to arrange exchanges of articles between publications. The original publisher/publication will be credited alongside such articles.

Articles should be submitted by e-mail, WeTransfer or Dropbox; an accompanying typed, double spaced hard copy for the editor's reference is advised. Feature articles vary in length. News pieces are unlikely to exceed 300 words. Profiles of artists are c.1200 words  with 8- 10  images. Technical/practical articles (eg print techniques, workshops) may be c.1000 words with 6-8 images (two pages) or c.450 words with 3-4 images (one page). See below for image submission details. Word length must be agreed with the editors prior to the article being commissioned.

Limits on space mean that Printmaking Today always prefers preview to review pieces (unless the exhibition being reviewed is touring, for example).

Footnotes should be avoided whenever possible and the reference included within the body of the text. Footnotes will count towards the overall word count.  This does not include websites and social media links, which should always be provided. When unavoidable, footnotes should be typed at the end of the MS and numbered consecutively. The relevant number should be placed in the text at the end of the passage to which it refers. References to previously published work must give the name of the author(s), editor(s), compiler(s) and publisher, with the place and date of publication. In the case of works by many hands/compilations, page references are required. Simple in-text references may take the form 'Simmons, 1972, 23-35; Christie ed. 1960', in parentheses at the end of the appropriate sentence. References to journal articles must give, in addition to the page numbers, the full title of the journal, volume number, date and place of publication; simple in-text references as above.

Book reviews. The following information must be supplied at the head of the review: author / editor, title, place of publication, publisher, date of publication, number of pages, price, ISBN. At the foot of the review the reviewer's name and affiliation should be given.

Copyright in the text remains with the author(s), who must obtain permission to reproduce any illustration of which the copyright is not already theirs. Copyright in a photograph remains the property of the photographer and does not become that of the publisher.

Standard payment rates are £7 per 100 words published and payment is made on publication unless otherwise agreed. We do not pay for articles that promote the author's own work as we hope that the publicity generated equates to a fee.

The publisher will give the author one copy of the issue containing his/her contribution.


Images should be supplied as high resolution digital files, please use a file sharing program such as DropBox or WeTransfer to transfer your images. If you are submitting files more than a week before the agreed deadline, please check with the Editor before using We Transfer as the link may expire. If images are sent by email the file size should not exceed 5MB. Images must be at 300dpi and of approx. physical dimensions: 10 x 10 cm. Images should be supplied as TIFFs but may be compressed as JPEGs if sent by email. Please note that conversion from RGB (screen colour) to CMYK (printed colour) may affect output.

We discourage the submission of original artwork except in exceptional cases.


Please supply for each image: title, date, artist, medium, dimensions (height x width in millimetres), edition size, name of publisher and/or copyright holder (where relevant), name of photographer and/or lender (where relevant). NB Responsibility for obtaining the necessary permissions(s) rests with the author(s). That this has been done should be stated on the MS


The publisher assumes that the writer has obtained permission to reproduce all images submitted, including those not printed, for publicity purposes including social media. All images will be attributed by the publisher whenever possible.