Printmaking Today - Volume 19 - 2010

Cover Image: Paradise Lost 2009 by Barton Hargreaves. Digital Print

Cover Image: The Professor (detail) 2010 by Stephen Chambers. Screenprint, 680 x 830 mm. Image copyright Stephen Chambers. Printed and published by the Print Studio Cambridge, www.the From Stephen Chambers: The Four Corners at Kings Place Gallery, London, www,

Cover Image: The Red Coat (detail) 1983 Alex Katz. Screenprint 1,474 x 736 mm © Alex Katz/ABK Vienna 2010/Abertina, Vienna

Cover Image: Tokyo Story 3: Night Harbour (after Hiroshige) 2010 by Emily Allchurch. Transparency on Lightbox 1,164 mm x 815 mm.

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