Printmaking Today - Autumn 2010 - Issue 75

Year 2010
Volume 19
Issue 75

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Contents Volume 19 Autumn 2010 Issue 75

Printmaker's Diary
Nancy Campbell hunts for prints in Arctic Greenland

From here to eternity
Alex Katz, iconic American painter and printmaker, creates wafer-thin sections through the flesh of the world writes Werner Spies

In exciting times
Printmaking Now Professor Paul Coldwell looks at how printmaking is diversifying and how today's artists are affected by the work of their predecessors

Out on the edge
Hilary Paynter PRE is a leading figure in British wood engraving to whom many other engravers owe their thanks, says SWE Chairman, Peter Lawrence RE

Environmental overload
Nicola Lopez creates extravagant narratives of today's world, in which she maps out collision and invasion via epic printed installations, writes Alexia Tala

Artist's Eye
Urban theatre
Gail Brodholt RE on how her work provides a backdrop to the daily human dramas ongoing in the metropolis

Artists' Books
A multi-coloured life
Klaus von Mirbach is inspired by sources as diverse s his children's toothbrushes to the great Flemish painter van Eyck, writes Sarah Bodman

CUTTINGS News, Previews and Exhibition Listings

A sense of grandeur
Sir Timothy Clifford in conversation with Judy Groves on his distinguished career as one of Britain's great Museum directors and also on his wide-ranging personal holdings from Wedgewood vases to Piranesi's prints

Time of transition
The recent death of the founder of the Krakow Triennial is a challenge to its future but the exhibition has history of overcoming the obstacles in its way, writes Richard Noyce

Place of pilgrimage
Lithography Janet Cintas recounts the highs and lows of this year;s Saxa Loquuntur (edition 11), an annual stone lithography residency in a picturesque but chilly abbey in southwest France

Human versus machine
Laser Engraving Anne Desmet RE recently put Liverpool Hope University's new laser cutter to the test to see how well it could engrave a boxwood block

Terms of enlightenment
Artists' Books Bibiana Crespo and Eva Figueras, Senior Lectures in the Fine Arts Faculty of Spain's University of Barcelona,unravel the tangle of terminology involved in the ever changing world of book art

When I'm 64
Megan Fishpool RE on how Arthur Hacney's decades-old etching plates had lost none of their lustre when their wrappings were removed and she began to print them

Book Reviews