Illustration - Autumn - 2022 - Issue 73


Welcome to Illustration 73

News and Reviews
A round-up of interesting news, events and exhibitions, along with brief reviews of some beautiful illustrated books.

Clive Hicks-Jenkins and Magical Illustration
Clive Hicks-Jenkins is a versatile artist whose art embraces fantastic imagery inspired by mythological tales and fantastic adventures such as Beowulf, Beauty and the Beast and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. Working for the page and in collaboration with musicians and film-makers, Clive’s genre-busting art is intriguing. Ruth Prickett takes us into his worlds.

The Illustrator’s Interview
Amy Hunter’s intimate illustrations of childhood were briefly mentioned in Illustration71. The Editor has taken the opportunity to probe a little deeper into Amy’s delicate, vivid world of childish play and intense effects of colour as she charts, in particular, the impact of the sea and the natural world.

Glynn Boyd Harte
Glynn Boyd Harte is an artist of many parts whose intense palette and lyrical compositions seem the very epitome of good living. Able to make the ordinary magical, Harte converts the everyday into the special. He had a special life as well – bohemian and freewheeling. Ian Archie Beck draws on researches for his recent book on the artist, while telling us of his reminiscences of this inventive figure.

Adolphe Léon Willette 
The name is less than familiar in the United Kingdom, and this fascinating caricaturist deserves to be better known than he is. Another of the satirists of late nineteenth century France, Willette provides a detailed commentary of his time. Brian McAvera draws on his own collection of rare material to represent this important figure.

Hablôt Knight Browne (‘Phiz’)
Phiz is best known as Dickens’s long-standing illustrator, but he did other work too. He was especially interested in the equestrian, taking every opportunity to depict horses in all of their moods and as a means to comment on those of their owners. Professor Philip Allingham takes a look at this unusual aspect of Phiz’s illustrations.

A Favourite Book
Warren Clements talks about Walter Trier, an illustrator he had been collecting since childhood. Warren focuses on the artist’s work for Brer Rabbit, a book he sought for years, before finding a copy in the UK.

In this section we’ll be featuring a range of work from recent post and undergraduates as they develop their skills and start to find their way in the competitive job market of today. This issue features two recent M.A. graduates.


Look and Learn

Our usual look at some of the current and forthcoming exhibitions, along with details of real and virtual collections and places where you can learn about illustration past and present. We have some great shows coming up!