Illustration - Volume 2 - 2005

Cover Illustration - John Lawrence 200 Years of Hans Christian Andersen Picture Politics: Steve Bell takes us on the Campaign Trail Comics Strips: Dan Dare and the Artists who created the Space Age Teenage Temptress: What was Phiz's relationship with Little Nell

Cover Illustration - Edward Bawden Edward Bawden: War, Work and Wit Character Parts, How Posy Simmonds gets from Burgers to Bovery Constellation Prizes: A Brief History of Astrological Illustration

Cover Illustration - Ronald Searle Ronald Searle's Imaginary Fiends Best Westerns: The Comic that turned British Boys into Cowboys and Indians Cheap cuts: Why Chapbook Illustrations and still influencing us today Nelson's Column: New Images to Commemorate the Battle of Trafalagar

Cover Illustration - Beatrix Potter Beatrix Potter: Humour with a bite The Witch Guide: How Six Year Olds view the Wicked Women in Hansel and Gretel As seen on TV: The rise and rise of Lauren Child's Charlie and Lola and Clarice Bean Deco-Rated: The Life and Works of Francois-Louis Schmied

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