Illustration - Volume 6 - 2009

Cover Diz Wallis for Charles Darwin and the Beagle Adventure (Templar Publishing) Wild Things: Nature in Illustration Beetle Mania: The Legacy of Ladybird Books All the Jazz: Jonny Hannah and his Cakes & Ale Press French Polish: 100 of the Best Livres D'Artistes

Cover Illustration - Peter Bailey for His Dark Materials by Philip Pullman ( Folio Society 2009) His Dark Materials Illuminated Myth and Poetry: The Stories that inspired David Jones Rags to Riches: Who made Dean's Rag Books so popular? High Scorers: How artists bring computer games to life

Cover Illustration - Yvonne Gilbert for Dracula ( Templar Publishing 2009 ) Gothic Glory: The Lure of Dracula Funny Peculiar: The Dark Humour of Edward Gorey Forestry Commissions: John Bauer's Nordic Fairy Tales Splendid Isolation: Shaun Tan Talks Suburban alienation

Cover Illustration - Tomislav Tomic Fireside Fantasy: The Changing Image of Fairies and Fairyland On the rails: Rowland Emett's Cartoons, trains and machine Endangered Species: Where all Penguin's Porpoises go?

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