Illustration - Volume 11 - 2014

Cover: Eric Ravilious Ravilious: From Block to Paper - Jack Townsend: The Forgotten Master of 1940's Picture Books - Nanny knows best: The Posters that tried to shape the British - Travel Bug: the places that inspire Christopher Corr

Cover: Bruce Bairnsfather 'Well, if you know of a better 'ole, go to it!'

Cover Illustration - Carl Larsson Carl Larsson: Designer for Living Death and Beauty: What we can learn from Victorian Gothic Fatal Attraction: Why Artists can't resist Wilde's Salome Voake Tales: Charlotte Voake on Illustrating for childres

Cover Martin Sharp - Jimi Hendrix - Nursery Dreams: Harold Jones's visions for Lavender's Blue - Eyes and Ears: The Artists who depicted BBC Broadcasting - Fun in the sun - Donald McGill's Saucy Seaside Postcards

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