Illustration - Volume 8 - 2011

Cover: James Gillray Wedding Belles: a Passion for Satire Study in Scarlet: Little Red Riding Hood and the Wolf Cafe Society: The Posters of Henri de Toulouse-Lautrec Restoration project: Who was the real Florence Anderson?

Cover Illustration - Florence Harrison The Quest for Florence Harrison Natural Progressive: Bewick's Revolution in Wood-Engraving Pickwick's Legacy: What went wrong for Seymour and Buss? Theratrical Dinners: The Cookery Books of Oliver Messel

Cover Illustration - John Vernon Lord Alice: Cracking the Looking-Glass Doomsday Books: John Martin and his Apocalyptic Visions Public Pleasure: 50 Years of Private Eye Cartoons Commercial Breaks: The many talents of Charles Mozley

Cover Illustration - Brian Grimwood Pick of the Posters: The Art of Edward McKnight Kauffer In sickness and health: Ronald Searle's sketches for 'Mrs Mole' Life in Litho: How Enid Marx taught children about war

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