Illustration - Volume 4 - 2007

Cover Illustration Mervyn Peake Mervyn Peake: Family and Fantasy Pre-Raphaelite Beauty: Romance and Legend in the art of Eleanor Fortescue Brickdale Gun Culture: Bob Boze Bell presents Wyatt Earp and the Gunfighters at the OK Corrall Going Ape: Anthony Browne Discusses Dark Themes, Bright Ideas and Champ Chimps

Cover Illustration - Edward Ardizzone ' Lounge at the Warrington' On the trail of Ardizzone's Pubs River Odyssey: Margaret Mee's Botanical Paintings and Intrepid Amazon Diaries Oh to be in England: John Nash's Depictions of Country Life and the rural Idyll Bright Ideas: David McKee on life, Politics, Mr Benn and Elmer the Elephant

Cover Illustration - Walter Crane Walter Crane: Art and Society Themes and Variations: David Gentleman talks Stamps, Engraving and Watercolours Graphic Reality: The Story behind the Illustrated 9/11 Commission Report Warrior Class: The Challenges of Depicting Beowulf for the 21st Century

Cover Illustration - Aubrey Beardsley Aubrey Beardsley: Modern Rococo Views of the Inferno: 700 years of Illustrations to Dante's Divine Comedy New Steppes: Angela Barrett Discusses art, life and Anna Karenina

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