Printmaking Today - Autumn 1991 - Issue 4

Year 1991
Volume 1
Issue 4
Out Of Print.
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Points of View 3

Irene Scheinmann:
Portrait of a Printmaker by James Burr 6
Bartolomeu dos Santos:
an etching but not a print 8
John Howard: the Piranesi of Birmingham by Peter Ford 
Hokusai by Roy Bizley 12
Shiko Munakata by Rosemary Simmons,
Michael Rothenstein and Michi Itami 14
Special Offer: Munakata box 15
Naoko Matsubara by David Waterhouse 16
Tsugumi Ota by Rosemary Simmons 18
Tama Art University by David Barker 19
Birgit Skiold and Japan by Peter Bird 20
Selling Western prints in Japan
by Raymond Lokker 22
New Prints 24
Inks: Water based screenprinting inks by Pip Seymour 26
Exhibitions 28
Books received 29
Resources 30
Workshop News 31