Printmaking Today - Autumn 1993 - Issue 7

Year 1993
Volume 2
Issue 7
Out Of Print.
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Points of view 3
Space engraving: Agathe Sorel Rosemary Simmons 4
Reflections = Reflexionen Denis Baxter 6
Humming designs: recent work by Harvey Daniels
Rosemary Simmons 7
Artists’ books: interview with Marcus Campbell 10
A miscellany of artists’ books 11
Natalie d’Arbeloft and the artist’s book James Burr 13
Il Buon Tempo Lucio Passarini 15
A-Z of printmaking 16
Book and video reviews 17
Through the eyes of the restorer Restoratrix 19
David Lucas mezzotints: a new edition Anthony Dyson 20
The specialists: R.K. Burt 21
Further developments in the Howard process 22
lntaglio and framing workshops in Sweden
Robert Benson 25
Spanish printmaking Summer School Peter Jones 27
Resources listing 31