Printmaking Today - Autumn 1997 - Issue 23

Year 1997
Volume 6
Issue 23

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2 Editorial
3 Derrick Greaves Tony Warner
4 Brian lngham Sheila Oliner
6 Michael Kenny RA Rosemary Simmons
7 Conversation with Stanley Jones (II) Tony Newby
9 The Art of the Garden Michael Blaker RE
10 Print, plate and clay: the graphics of René Derouin Patricia Ainslie
12 Symposium Towards a National Print Collection Mike North and Simon Brett RE
12 The Large Print show Tony Warner
13 3rd British International Miniature Print exhibition Mike North
14 Innovations and Transformations Avis Saltsman
15 Printers Inc. Ekaterina Ford
16 Exhibitions listing
16 A century of European prints: linked exhibitions in London, UK
17 Book Reviews Rosemary Simmons, George Whale and James Burr
18 Printmaking in art education: a survey Denise Wyllie
19 Morley College Adrian Bartlett
20 How to survive Tamarind Paul Croft
22 What does it mean in practice? Robert Adam
26 The Edinburgh Etch Friedhard Kiekeben
28 An alternative to the T-bar registration method Manuel Castro Cobos
28 Non-metal dry points Rebecca Toms and Paul Penketh
29 A return exhibition from Leipzig Joanna Griffin and Christa Muller
30 Phytochromography — printing with plants Phil Shaw
31 International exhibitions and exhibition opportunities Peter Ford
32 Copper plate patinas Peter Jones
35 Resources