Printmaking Today - Autumn 2002 - Issue 43

Year 2002
Volume 11
Issue 43

(£6.50 inc. vat)

4 Fuelled by Fury
Simon Brett RE on the graphic concerns of wood engraver Jim Todd RE

6 The Art of War
Paul Gough on British printmaking and the iconography of conflict

Stop Press
15 Clifford Chance international law firm announces new print prizewinner
16 South Africa: conference and workshop Printmaking Today student prize 2002
17 Brazilian enterprise and exchange
18 Prints: a worthwhile investment suggests new report; meanwhile, Eyestorm closes
19 Three new print ventures for Wales

20 End of a grand era: Anne Desmet RE pays tribute to US artist-printmaker John Heagan Eames RE (1 900-2002)

24 Loughborough University’s papermaking/ bookbinding revival: Karen Legg reports
25 Learning woodblock printing and papermaking in Japan: Sandy Sykes RE on an expanding residency programme
26 Name your price: Judith Palmer seeks expert advice on how to price prints
28 Tips from Pakistan on etching grounds
29 Easier photo-etching: Sheila de Rosa puts a new emulsion through its paces
30 The miniature matrix: Rand Huebsch on cutting and printing rubber stamps

10 LISTINGS: five pages of the latest print exhibitions and opportunities
21 COMMENT: Readers’ letters
22 ARTISTS’ BOOKS: Emma Hill previews London’s Artists’ Book Fair and reviews Ken Campbell’s latest book
23 BOOK REVIEWS: two new volumes on wood engravers past and present; and James Dodds’ shipshape catalogue
32 RESOURCES: our essential guide to print services, workshops and studios
33 WEBSIGHT: art website reviews
34 SUBJECT MATTERS: Anita Klein RE’s intimate moments in everyday life:
Richard Clarke takes a look