Printmaking Today - Autumn 2006 - Issue 59

Year 2006
Volume 15
Issue 59

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Contents Autumn Issue 59

Printer-publisher Jack Shirreff's 107 Workshop has produced some of the finest graphic images of the past 30 years, say Mel Gooding

Artist Ben Nicholson's prints will be given a welcome reassessment following a retropsective this autumn, writes Helen Waters

History Italy's 20th century printmaking was driven by a ferment of artists' groups promoting conflicting philiosophies of art, writes Anne Desmet

Artist Helga Kos' ode to the Colossal SUn is a memorable accompaniment to a musical setting of Wallace Stevens' poems, writes Nancy Campbell

Artists' Books The balance of form and content in three new artists' books

Artist's Eye Peter Shread, Printmaking Today Prizewinner, explains how his love of the Pembrokeshire coastline inspires his prints

Wales Print studios, museums and private presses throughout the principality provide a wealth of buying opportunites for collectores, reports Amy Sterly


Workshop Sara Hayward describes her recent residency at teh idylically located Venice Printmaking workshop

Workshop Jacqueline Gribiin on teaching Japanese woodbloock to teenages at the Reyym Institute, Cambodia, and the astonishing skill they brought to it

Lithopgraphy Gene Chu explains photographic methods for stone lithography


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