Printmaking Today - Autumn 2011 - Issue 79

Year 2011
Volume 20
Issue 79

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Contents Volume 20 Autumn 2011 Issue 79

Printmakers' Diary
Dawn Cole's Days Out in Margate

50 Years in Showbiz
Patrick Hughes, celebrated painter of iconic metaphors for the moment, is now 50 years into his career: John Slyce assesses Hughes' memorable prints

Gothic Tastes
John Taylor Arms was one of America's most famous early 20th Century etchers. As a major exhibition opens in Washington, Anne Desmet reflects on his legacy

Glasshouse Glow
Katherine Jones is a young artist with an already impressive career. Fellow artist Wuon-Gean Ho sheds light on the fundamental themes of Jones' work

Artist's Eye
A sense of Home
Mandy Williams' photographs of her three-dimensional printed constructions consider just what it is that makes a house home, whether broken or otherwise

Artists' Books
Fully Booked
Sarah Bodman, offers an advance stock check of a cornucopia of artists' book fairs showing from Manchester to Moscow, Paris to Oxford, this autumn

Poetic Patterns
Poet Tamar Yoseloff talks with Nancy Campbell about the print collection she and her husband, book designer Andrew Lindesay, have assembled and reflects on the influence of printmaking on her writing

A Better Bite?
Non-Toxic Aquatint Tracy Hill and Emma Gregory share the results of their trials to date, of assorted non-toxic acquatint recipes and products, to try to determine which best suit the needs of the busy working print studio

Road Test
Inks Artistic Director Sean Rorke and Laurence Taylor of Hot Bed Press, Salford, put the Charbonnel Aqua Wash etching inks through their paces, comparing and contrasting their results with traditional oil-based etching inks

Sticky, Stickier, Stickiest
Monoprint Sue Brown describes the user-friendly viscosity experiments she uses to create lively multi-coloured monoprints

Prints for Posterity
Artists' Estates Art historian and specialist print dealer Hilary Chapman considers how best to dispose of an artist's print stock after death