Printmaking Today - Autumn 2012 - Issue 83

Year 2012
Volume 21
Issue 83

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Contents Volume 21 Autumn 2012 Issue 83

Printmakers' Diary
Stephen Fredericks writes from the Big Apple

True Original
Gillian Ayres RA has been making prints for 70 years. As she prepares for an exhibition at Alan Cristea Gallery, David Cleaton-Roberts looks at her recent prints

Artist's Eye
Nature in Full Flow
Marianne Ferm ARE's monumental etchings of rushing water won the Printmaking Today prize at the RE Annual Members' Exhibition at London's Bankside Gallery

Back to Black
Majila Zeneli, in her Berlin studio and gallery, is bringing new life to the historic medium of mezzotint or 'manière noire', writes Richard Noyce

Boxing Clever
Ron King, renowned magus of innovative fine book and print publisher, Circle Press turned 80 this yeasr. Nancy Campbell talked to him about the Press's projects

Shared Streets
The V & A's Street Art exhibition in Libya held up a mirror to the activism behind the recent revolution, say curators Gill Saunders and Riikka Kuittinen

Artist's Books
Playing with Space
American artists Heidi Neilson's books explore the mysteries of the universe via miniature props and ingenious invention, writes Sarah Bodman


The Thrill of the Chase
As Julian Francis puts some of his considerable collection of prints and books on show, Simon Brett RE talks to him his collection got started and how it has developed


Private and Public
Digital Screenprint Helen Knowles on her unusual YouTube Portrait in which she has made vast images of women in the act of childbirth, sourced from video stills

Thinking Big
Print Studio Gemini GEL has long been one of the USA's leading print studios and publishers, Ian Brown visited Los Angeles to talk to Master Printer Jim Reid

Beyond the Margins
Private Presses Nancy Campbell tours the Netherlands to find the cream of its printmaking artists and its numerous active printing studios


Cola's Secret Formula
Kitchen Litho Émile Aizier-Brouard describes her user - friendly, low tech approach to lithography involving aluminum foil and an acid found in everyday cola drinks

The Gentle Touch
Digital Peter S Smith ARE describes the sensuous 'Brush Strokes' and other drawing tools on the iPod Touch and how there can be used to create artists' prints


Books Reviews