Printmaking Today - Autumn 2014 - Issue 91

Year 2014
Volume 23
Issue 91

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Contents Volume 23 Autumn 2014 Issue 91

Printmaker's Diary
Anna Wilkinson Director of Northern Print sees North East Print immersed in print

Breaking Boundaries
To coincide with a major exhibition in London this autumn, Hilary Chapman on a bold new direction for Hilary Paynter PPRE

History Is Burning
Eireann Lorsung finds subtle compressions of the Classical and the contemporary world in the graphic work of Diane Victor

Counting on Fingers
Derek Besant reports on a dynamic and experimental collaboration between two artists working with print and sound

Liberation of Learning
Annis Fitzhugh on the combination of old and new technology in DCA Print Studio's collaboration with Turner-prize nominated sculptor Lucy Skaer


A Bold New Future
Sean Rorke learns about impressive plans for expansion at Edinburgh Printmakers, a workshop that is looking to the future with confidence

Story Time
Kate Bufton is known for her sculptures, but now she is exploring the representation of these works in two dimensions during a residency at Hot Bed Press, writes Sarah Bodman

CUTTINGS - News, Previews and Exhibition Listings

Living History
The collections gathered in the Library & Archive of the Royal Academy of Arts document the rich history of British art, writes Natalie Ferris

In the Frame
Jenny Issacson GCF considers the right way to approach framing fine prints and offers a guide to choices available when employing a bespoke framer

Box of Delights
Angela Harding describes how a fruitful relationship with her gallery has led to merchandising opportunities and a new audience for her work

Celebrating the Comb
Atta Kwami and Pamela Clarkson collaborate on a project to celebrate the diverse shapes, colours and materials of the African comb

Slow Time
The Artouride print tours were devised by Jack Blake and Barbara Salvardori to combine the pleasures of art and cycling, with the deeper aim of introducing a different rhythm to the making of art, writes Mike Sims

Print Till Your Ink Be Dry
Emily Martin continues her exploration of Shakespeare's tragedies, turning her attention to Othello during a dramatic two-week residency at the Penland School of Crafts in North Carolina

Ground Control
Richard Stauffacher considers permeable grounds - a fluid, spontaneous and liberating means to create three-dimensional effects and subtly modulated tones

Book Reviews