Printmaking Today - Autumn 2020 - Issue 115

September 2020

Printmaker's Diary

Andrew Kulam, Professor of Graphic Art at Birmingham City University and judge of postponed RBSA Print Prize, on shows before and during lockdown

Collaboration - Printmakers against Racism. Obituary Carolyn Stafford 1935-2020 - Folded Dots of Sky - Mammoth Molar 

Lockdown Diaries
As the Covid-era continues, community print workshops have been adapting open access arrangements so that their members can return safely. Behind the scenes many workshops have taken the opportunity to explore new ways of working to support their wider print communities.    

The Trials of Srilamnthula Chandramohan 
Waswo X Waswo
introduces the vivid, bold woodcuts of enigmatic Indian printmaker, Srilamamthula Chandramohan

Beyond Boundaries
Anna Wilkinson,
Director of Northern Print, discovers the work of Mexican printmaker, Nunik Sauret from her solo Beyond Words, Beyond Boundaries

Lockdown Blue-Green-Greys
Romina Provenzi
makes a virtual visit during lockdown to the studio of Ian Davenport to talk about colour and inspiration

Finding Her Own Way Home
Hammad Nasar
remembers the eminent artist Zarina Hashmi through her woks on paper documenting a history of displacement

Elementary Particles
Derek Michael Besant RCA
peers around the dark corners in the claustrophobic, structural ambiguities in Alicja Habisiak Matzcak's etchings


Nunik Sauret

Artist's Eye
The RE's Original Prints 2020 was held online during lockdown.  James Boyd Brent ARE was awarded the Printmaking Today prize for his print celebrating the fullness of life

All About Washi
Ralph Kiggell ARE
takes a broad look at washi  (Japanese paper) and how artists appreciate the versatility and character it brings to their work

Books on Presses
Print Technician at Hot Bed Press, Martin Kochany answers a question from a Printmaking Today reader about printing presses and their possible processes


Print in the Blood
Director of Glasgow Print Studio, John Mackechnie MBE, explains his multi-layered screenprinting process ahead of his solo at GPS

Artists'# Books
Dr Sarah Bodman
opens up the generous narrative spaces in the tactile artists' books by Katerina Kyselica that demand to be handled

DVD Review
Woodcuts How-to 
Making Woodblock Prints: An Artisan Course 
Merlyn Chesterman and Rod Nelson

Jason Hicklin RE

My Printing Day
Veta Gorner RE

Book Reviews

Year 2020
Volume 29
Issue 115

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