Printmaking Today - Spring 1996 - Issue 17

Year 1996
Volume 5
Issue 17
Out Of Print.
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2 Editorial
3 Ronald King and the Circle Press George Szirtes
5 Peter Dover Rosemary Simmons
6 June Berry Michael Blaker
8 Printmaking experiences Robert Kipnis
10 Journeys with woodcuts Saga Marinkov
12 Through Pushkin’s country Richard Vicary
13 Symmetry and contradictions Sue Gollifer and Mick Hartney
14 British graphic artists in Tallinn Pete Nevin
15 New graphic works by Lino Mannocci Olimpia Theodoli
16 The cradle of screenprinting Li Shu Sheng
18 Anthony Dawson Joseph Winkelman
18 Mercury Gallery Ivan Tennant
20 Artists’ books in London Rosemary Simmons
20 Cell books by Coo Geller Rosemary Simmons
22 Book reviews
23 Toray silicone intaglio Dale C. Bradley
25 Vegetable cleaning agent
Sytze Folkertsma, Peter Sincovitz and Ad Stijnman
27 Z* Acryl etching systems Mark Zaifron
28 Photogravure Noel Smith
29 Photo Alternative Joyce Peck
30 Unplanned obsolescence John P. Pollard
31 Screenprint direct emulsions Steve Hoskins
32 Artichoke Print Workshop Colin Gale and Melvyn Petterson
33 Press relief Janet Mitchell
35 Resources