Printmaking Today - Spring 2001 - Issue 37

Year 2001
Volume 10
Issue 37

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4 Japan 2001 a UK celebration.
6 Hands across the sea: an Anglo-Japanese exchange.
7 Soak up the art: Year of the Artist.
8 International exhibitions reviewed.
10 New Chinese woodcut portfolio,
16 Better times for print in Mexico.
20 In the city: Mireille Galinou looks at urban-inspired art.


30 Rebecca Salter explains how to sharpen Japanese woodcutting tools.

34 Japanese artist Akiko Takizawa on identity and isolation.

24 LISTINGS: four pages of the latest print exhibitions and opportunities.
25/27 EXHIBITION REVIEWS: Artists Book Fair and Art 2001 in London, UK.
28 RESOURCES: our essential guide.
29 WEBSIGHT: art website reviews.
32 BOOK REVIEWS: John Petts,

PROFILES engraver; Non-toxic intaglio video; artists' books by Sandy Sykes RE and Simon Redington RE.
11 The sprit of t of Japan: Akira Kurosaki by Rebecca Salter.
14 Bringing the East West: Japanese prints at Hanga Ten Gallery, London. The London eye: Pryle Behrman on Janet BrookeARE.
23 Maths, music and mystery: Ferdinand Szypula by Peter Ford RE.
33 COMMENT: readers' letters..

13 Cousins looks both ways in Japan.

6 Robyn Wilson on James Turrell s Roden crater project.