Printmaking Today - Spring 2016 - Issue 97

Year 2016
Volume 25
Issue 97

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Contents Volume 25 Spring 2016 - Issue 97

Printmaker's Diary
Mychael Barratt PRE reveals the selection process behind Arts Club Charitable Trust prizes

Slow Road, Deep Waters
US artist Annie Bissett makes witty use of the elegant and beautiful Japanese watercolour technique mokuhanga to address political issues. Mike Sims interviewed her about her work

Finding New Lands
Wendy Rhodes visited Jason Hicklin in his studio to discuss how his travels to the islands at the edges of Britain shape his commitment to drawing and how this translates into etching

Image as Catharsis
Ralph Kiggell considers the ambitious work of Thai printmaker Vimonmarn Khanthachavana who evokes personal dreams and sufferings through a combination of print and installation

A Darker Duality
The striking lithographs of New Zealand artist Robert Hague shatter illusions writes Marguerite Brown

Worthy of Notice
Nancy Campbell talks to Megan Adie, founder of the Basel International Print Residency, and Imi Maufe AiR in 2015, about the programme

Artists' Books
A Study in Pink, Red, Black and White
Sarah Bodman examines some recent artists' books by Egidija Ciricaite, Guy Bigland, Amir Brito Cador and Sophie Loss which respond to paintings

Artist's Eye
Pure Folly
During a recent residency at Castell Coch in Wales artist and writer John Abell created huge, intricate woodcuts about it dramatic history. Nancy Campbell interviewed him about his work


News, Previews, Exhibition Listings and Opportunities

Explorations in Etchings
Elizabeth Clayman reports on the tired and tested etching technique of Michael Blaker RE, which has been refined over 70 years of printmaking

Recipe for Success
Eleanor Morgan discovers the Japanese art of fish rubbing, an immediate and simple technique using edible materials

Painterly Perfection
Steve Calrkson reveals his recent discoveries while eliminating variable in gum bichromate printing: the most painterly of alternative photography techniques

The Disappearing Car
Gail Brodholt RE argues that landscape artists should be more faithful to the state of Britain by representing the ever- expanding road system and the vehicles that use it

Valley of the Printmakers
Ingrid Birchell Hughes describes how a group of artists in rural West Wales came to set up a lively print workshop

History of the Revolution
Alexander Adams visits the Dutch Lithograph Museum, one of the world's great archives of commercial lithographic printing and apparently the world's only museum dedicated to its technology and products

Spring Fever
Romina Provenzi reports on the artists' prints that are attracting the attention of dealers and collectors in the international salerooms

Book Reviews