Printmaking Today - Spring 2017 - Issue 101

Year 2017
Volume 26
Issue 101

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Contents Volume 26 Spring 2017 Issue 101

Printmaker's Diary 

Guest editor Ralph Kiggell ARE appreciates the printmaking scene from different corners of the world

Agitating for Change
Australian artist Alison Alder negotiates the personal and political in her work as a call to action, Yolande Norris discusses the challenges this involves

Strange Utopias
The meticulous black and white woodcuts of Zang Liang create eerie scenarios that pitch past and present against the future. Wayne Crothers explores

Floating Worlds
With roots in traditional Japanese printmaking, the collaged prints of Takuji Hamnaka reveal shimmering interior states. April Vollmer writes from New York

Epic Intimacy
Exploring distance and immersion in Tania Rutland's of the Sussex coastline. Brian Curtin learns how her prints shifting surface inform her paintings

Artist's Eye
Stories Retold
Vetern printmaker Richard Black RE won the Printmaking Today prize at the RE annual show in 2016 for his print Penelope's Web. He discusses inspiration and expression with Wuon-Gean Ho.

Nature Transfigured
Artist's Eye
Jennifer Konig won the Printmaking Today prize at the 2016 International Print Biennale: Northern Print. Here she reflects on the interdependence of painting, drawing and print

Artists' Books
Sarah Bodman anticipates Booknesses, an international colloquium celebrating 21 years of arists' books in South Africa

From Northumberland National Park, Lucy May Schofield considers location and dislocation and how changing light and seasons inspire her work

-News and Previews 

Printmaking Is a Deep Hybrid
From his engagement with post-digital printmaking, Paul Catanese reveals the exciting potentials of bringing old and new print technologies together

Beautiful Experience
Ralph Kiggell finds out from Fernando Aceves Humana how a Mexican print collective came to establish Cambodia's first print studio with two presses shipped across the Pacific along historic trading routes

Six Senses Garden
In a series of workshops at Kentish Town Health Centre Bess Frimodig explores plant and human stress through printmaking, gardening and science

Consuming Passion
By fine-tuning his eclectic habits. Waswo X Waswo describes how he came to assemble a remarkable collection of modern and contemporary prints

Book Reviews