Printmaking Today - Summer 1993 - Issue 6

Year 1993
Volume 2
Issue 6
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Points of view 3
New editions recently published 5
Hayter’s legacy in Paris Duncan Scott 6
The gap between art and life: pop prints James Burr 9
Anne Desmet: collaged wood engravings
Rosemary Simmons 10
La Nuova Xilografia Rosemary Simmons 11
Art-in-hospitals: a suitable market place for artists
Barbara Wreschner 12
Three-dimensional printmakers Mike North 14
Book reviews 16
Safe etching and photoetching: the next generation
Keith Howard 19
Special offer on Keith Howard’s book 22
Robin Michaels writes on the ‘Howard Process’ 23
Safe photoetching: a progress report from the Slade
Andrew Smith 23
Winter sunlight searching for snowdrops
Benedict Rubbra 24
Computer-generated mural and ceramic prints
Martin Reiser 26
Through the eyes of the restorer Restoratrix 27
In the vineyards of Corbières James Burr 28
Resources listing 30