Printmaking Today - Summer 2015 - Issue 94

Year 2015
Volume 24
Issue 94

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Contents Volume 24 Summer 2015 Issue 94

Printmaking's Diary
Tony Linde swaps Leicester for southern hemisphere and sets off on a road trip with many print pit stops

Duplex Life
Alexander Adams meet Ian Davenport in the studio as he embarks on a new suite colour etchings, and learns about his ideas and influences

Pushing the Limits Down Under
Richard Noyce considers a recent project by Yvonne Rees-Pagh, an artist contributing to a revitalization of socio-political printmaking in Australia

Speaking in Tongues
Claire Cuccio salutes the work of the widely travelled Chineses artist Tang Changhua, now recording his perceptions of nature on the fringes of Beijing

The Artist in Wonderland
Eireann Lorsung considers the 'Luminous colour and gestural texture' in the work of rising star of printmaking Ellen Heck

State of the Art
Introducing Daniel Clark and Finonnuala McGowan

Artist's Eye
The Art of Catastrophe
Jess Bugler, winner of the Printmaking Today Prize at NOPE 2014, challenges the view 'what use are eyes in times like these?'

Artist's Books
The Threads that Bind Us
Women's Studio Workshop residences offer artists the facilities and funding to create a bookwork, writes Sarah Bodman, who admires the limited edition made by Libby Scarlett during a recent residency

Cuttings - News and Previews

The Life of a Ghost
Sue Baker Kenton and Nicole Polonsky explain how they developed the concept behined Ghost(ed), a suite of lithographs by eight artists which launches this summer

Responding to Conflict
Dr Allison Holland looks at the work of poet and visual artists Angela Gardner, holder of the Conflict in History 2014 residency at the University of Queensland, Australia

Wet and Dry
Ralph Kiggell experiments with water-based woodblock printmaking using Chinese papers and considers how contemporary artists can exploit the versatile dynamics between paper and ink

Welcome to the Sixties
Two devotees of printmaking have chosen to celebrate their six decades with copperplate rather than birthday cake. NanMulder reports on the progress of a lively cooperative project

Desert Missin
Artist Gini Wade travels to Albuquerque to experience the legendary Tamarind Summer Course

Collecting the World
The sparkling new China Printmaking Museum at Guanlan original Printmaking Base represents astonishing recent developments in printmaking, writes Ralph Kiggell

First Impressions
Preview Rare works by famous names are competing for attention in the international salerooms this season, writes Romina Porvenzi

Books Reviews