Printmaking Today - Summer 2017 - Issue 102

Summer 2017 Volume 26 No 102
Cover - Landscape of the hear IV (2012) by Muhammad Atif  Kahn
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Year 2017
Volume 26
Issue 102

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Printmaking Today 
Summer 2017 Volume 26 No 102
Cover - Landscape of the hear IV (2012) by Muhammad Atif  Kahn
Inkjet print

Printmaker's Diary
Catherine Cartwright delves into artists' books in Eastern Australia    

Dreamscapes of the Heart 
Nan Mulder explores the dreamlike world of Muhammad Atif Khan's digital prints that borrow traditional Mughul miniatures and popular imagery

Interweaving in Print
Using indigenous imagery, Melanie Yazzie's monotypes subtly highlight the plight of the DIne. Claire Cuccio discovers a lifetime devoted to weaving their stories into print

Pooled Light
Clare Henry steps into the painterly etchings of Dawson Murray ARE that capture the ever-changing light in the face of adversity

Ahead of Me, Behind Me
Navigating the dichotomies in the work of Rebecca Salter RA, Mike Sims finds a balance in her elusive woodblock prints

Atelier Circulaire in Montreal is offering a new residency, John Graham enthuses about the facilities and introduces the deep visualization behind his series of surreal prints

Artist's Eye
RCA graduate Gianluca Craca won the Printmaking Today prize at the RE's National Original Print Exhibition in 2016 for his print Morpheme. He explains to Leonie Bradley how he makes his intriguing prints

Cuttings and News

Philip Reeves - Obiturary
Keiko Kadota - Obituary


Shifts and Variations
Actively deciding to move away from the certainties of Photoshop, Frea Buckler has developed a surprisingly low-tech and intuitive process to create spontaneous, one-off screenprints


Hidden Mentor
Peter S Smith RE realises the underlying influence of master printmaker Simon Brett RE

A Spanish Encounter

Chair of IMPACT, Carinna Parraman, reflects on their multi-disciplinary printmaking conferences since 1999

Celebrating Our Big Move
Director of Leicester Print Workshop, Lucy Phillips describes step-by-step the process of their remarkable achievement

An Enduring Love Deborah Roslund on her flourishing and ever-growing Zenith Art collection, which she has helped build through awarding print prizes and spotting early career artists

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