Printmaking Today - Winter 1993 - Issue 8

Year 1993
Volume 2
Issue 8
Out Of Print.
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Tributes to Michael Rothenstein 3
Romancing the plate: William Kentridge
Rosemary Simmons 7
John Cage at Crown Point Press David Ryan 9
Hope and Optimism Paul Turner 11
Prints from wood Simon Brett 12
Printmaking printing printout Simon Lewandowski 13
Real art and a lost volume Stephanie Brown 15
American prints 1963-1993 James Burr 16
Ackroyd and Orr Michael Blaker 18
Book reviews 20
Global graphics
Irene Scheinmann and Pat Martin Bates 22
Bradford Open Mike North 23
Rena Gardiner Martin Andrews 24
Through the eyes of the restorer Restoratrix 26
The Beevers press James Burr 27
The specialists: lntaglio Printmaker 28
Art press work base: Matthew Hilton 29