Printmaking Today - Winter 1997 - Issue 24

Year 1996
Volume 6
Issue 24
Out Of Print.
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2 Editorial
3 Bernard Cheese RE Michael Blaker RE
5 John Duffin RE Karl Barrie
7 Jack Shirreff and 107 Workshop Rosemary Simmons
9 Committed to Print — Poland ‘97 Peter Ford RE
11 Oona Hyland and lan Joyce: The Art of Navigation Rosemary Simmons
13 The Print Room at the V&A Ekaterina Ford
15 Australia’s printed states and territories Allan Mann
17 Gordon Gilkey: America’s ambassador of prints Andrew Long
18 BSI Classification of prints Rosemary Simmons
19 John Buckland Wright Rosemary Simmons
19 Cadaqués Mini Print International in Britain Tony Warner
20 French odalisques go to Turkey
21 Exhibitions
22 Book Reviews
26 Atelier teaching Rosemary Simmons
25 Printmaking differences: USA and UK Paula Mciver Nottingham
26 Pomegranate, an artists’ book Judith Rothchild
27 Silk aquatint; old hat or nouveau chapeau Sue Anne Bottomley
28 Gouache lift Jane Stobart RE
29 Plate restorations at Oxford University Press Jim Nottingham
30 New York open access Jim Sheehy
32 Prints in Focus
33 Opportunities for printmakers in Somerset Richard Pocock RE
33 International exhibitions and exhibition opportunities Peter Ford RE
35 Resources