Printmaking Today - Winter 2000 - Issue 36

Year 2000
Volume 9
Issue 36

(£6.50 inc. vat)

6 Into the light. Stuart Duffin RE on the prints of Barbara Rae RA.
8 The language of memory: Will MacLean by Richard Carr.
10 Breaking the sound bamec Sara Ogilvie by Anne Desmet RE.
30 Out of the bottle. Mike Clements revives Ben Nicholson’s cork relief printing process.
31 Window on the wotid. Tom Pearman at London Print Studio.
12-16 Raising the standard. Our survey of Scottish printmaking at Edinburgh Printmakers, Glasgow Print Studio, Dundee Print Studio, Graal and Peacock.
32 Intimations of immortality. Herman Noordermeer talks to Michael Sims.
33 Tristan Humphries by Colin Cina.
18 Jennifer Shaw from Scotland on the Pagemakers touring exhibition.

4 STOP PRESS: print news from the UK, Europe and the USA.
17 WEBSIGHT: Website reviews.
24 LISTINGS: five pages of print exhibitions and opportunities.
28 RESOURCES: our essential guide.
33 BOOK REVIEWS: Harleys from Scotland, Shirley Jones’ A Lame Ant, Maria Bonomi and Handmade Prints by Anne Desmet RE and Jim Anderson RE.
20 In sickness and in health: Stella Whalley investigates.
22 A vital art. Pryle Behrman on the Vital Arts NHS Trust and art in hospitals.