Printmaking Today - Winter 2001 - Issue 40

Year 2001
Volume 10
Issue 40

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4 20th century impression at the V&A Shadow boxing: Tom Lamb prints big
7 BelIa Easton on printmaking and travel
8 Impact 2: conference report
13 Comic relief. Mark Hampson on the state of contemporary comic art

34 Edward McCarten walks a fine line

10 Of expectation and edification: Pryle Behrman on Sarah Raphael
12 Jean-Marc Berguel’s cross-media prints by Robin Wilson
15 Mutant moments: Jim Anderson meets GiHian Golding
17 Proactive print dealing. Purdy Hicks gallery by Pryle Behrman
19 Look North. David Morris describes the Whitworth Art Gallery print collection

21 LISTINGS: four pages of the latest print exhibitions and opportunities

28 RESOURCES: our essential guide to print services, workshops and studios

29 WEBSIGHT: art website reviews

32 BOOK REVIEWS: new Printmaking Handbooks by Steve Hoskins and Rebecca Salter, and monographs of Michael Mazur and Frans Widerberg

25 Workshops: Hilary Adair on the Double Elephant Print Workshop, Somerset, UK Pauline Muir reports from Adelaide, Australia, on Main Street Editions
26 Into digital by April Vollmer Little Wars: Debra Swack on her multimedia artwork
30 Print-making it real. Josephine McCormick combines engineering and viscosity printmaking