Printmaking Today - Winter 2002 - Issue 44

Year 2002
Volume 11
Issue 44

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4 The Rock and the Rectangle: Peter Black reviews the career and major exhibition of Philip Reeves Hon. RE
6 Into the labyrinth: Manfred Welling on renowned German artist Horst Janssen
8 Pryle Behrman explores the extraordinary Hybrid World of Printmaking Today prizewinner Ruth Uglow ARE

Stop Press
15 The New York Society of Etchers develops worldwide links
16 Italy’s Biella Prize for Engraving is taken over by international stars
17 Ten year print project involving 100 key Japanese artists is unveiled
18 Amanda Lebus’s new print installationsand atmospheric shadow theatres
19 Tim Long describes his recent experience as a research fellow in digital fine art

23 Paul Hamilton on the digital studio of the future and its impact on other processes
25 Papermaking in Japan: Elspeth Lamb in residence at Nagasawa
26 Who needs a Hokusai? Tuula Moilanen on problems establishing authenticity in Japanese ukiyo-e prints
28 Biting lino: Ann Westley’s step-by-step advice on etching lino with caustic soda
30 Kausar Nigita on ancient South Pacific bark-cloth printing revitalised

10 LISTINGS: five pages of the latest print exhibitions and opportunities
20 ARTISTS’ BOOKS: Emma Hill on two books offering potent visual responses to texts by Primo Levi and Harold Pinter
21 BOOK REVIEWS: A major monograph on Ken Kiff; Japanese prints during the Allied Occupation; a dictionary of print terms; a trouble-shooting guide to water-based screenprinting; and a fascinating study of the fragility of artistic reputation
31 COMMENT: Readers’ letters
32 RESOURCES: our essential guide to print services, workshops and studios
33 WEBSIGHT: art website reviews
34 SUBJECT MATTERS: Take a ride on The Musicians’ Bus’ with Olivia Gill