Printmaking Today - Winter 2012 - Issue 84

Year 2012
Volume 21
Issue 84

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Contents Volume 21 Winter 2012 Issue 84

Printmaker's Diary
Clive Jennings steps out and about in Fitzrovia

Pop Explosion
Print Room curator Julia Beaumont-Jones discusses Roy Lichtenstein's prints in the context of next spring;s major retrospective at Tate Modern, and Tate's Collection

Digging Deep
Marcus Rees Roberts delves deep into the human psyche in prints that evoke the turbulence of recent European history, writes Jackie Newell RE

Personal Perspective
Erik Desmazieres extends a respected tradition of European visionary art influenced by the likes of Durer, Piranesi and Esher, writes Isabella Oulton from France

Artist's Eye
Birds on a Feather
Rebecc Jewell explains her reinterpretation and re imaging of the tradional headdresses of Papua New Guinea for a contemporary art audience

Artist's Books
No Place Like Home
Philippa Wood and Angie Butler, in the USA, produce books that celebrate life's quiet and comforting domestic pleasures, writes Sarah Bodman


At the Heart of Industry
John P Eckblad in conversation with Anne Desmet RA RE about the development of his extensive print collection reflecting industrial life over some 250 years of the revolutionary age of coal, iron and steam


Man-made Paradise
Workshop La Ceiba Grafica is an enterprising, admirably self-sustaining, international graphic arts institution in the mountains of Mexico. Benjamin Wooten went to see it

Shared Inheritance
Wales Printmaking Master Printer and university lecturer Paul Croft RE travelled the length and breadth of Wales, and found many examples of the impetus to expand print in the principality

Workshop Following a successful exhibition and collaboration in New York, Ian Wilkins, Christina Wrege and Michael Iveson, collectively the Cardiff Sessions, visit the Sidney Nolan Trust for a litho project with invited artists

Up Close and Personal
Conference Ian Brown, artist and delegate at Wrexham's recent Print Symposium, reports on the day's diverse events and discussions

New Generation
GCSE Art Marianne Ferm ARE, artist and teacher, on how printmaking is taught in an English secondary school, giving GCSE students a freedom to experiment and gain breadth and depth in their artistic development


Every Breath You Take
Printed Movement Artist Wuon-Gean Ho looks at how movement is captured in print - from ephemeral kiss to pirouettes and printing and other physical actions

Dot to Dot
Acrylic Resist Aquatint Heike Roesel describes Studio B5's recipe and method of creating acrylic-resist aquatints in a new purpose-built environment in Brighton

Printmakers' Diary
Books Reviews