Printmaking Today - Winter 2014 - Issue 92

Year 2014
Volume 23
Issue 92

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Contents Volume 23 Winter 2014 Issue 92

Printmaker's Diary
David Cleaton-Roberts unwraps new projects at Alan Cristea Gallery
and samples art fairs in London and New York

Vigilant Dreaming
Jam Anderson RE finds a deeply poetic imagination at work in the prints of Andrzej Jackowski which act as a surreal record of everyday existence

Orderly disorder
Timothy Rigss discovers careful control and equivocal colour in the French artist Pascale Hemery's urban landscapes

Signifiers and Silences
Richard Noyce introduces two Argentinian printmakers Alejandro Thornton and Viviana Sierra, famous in Buenos Aires for their idiosyncratic takes on letterforms and cartography

Flotsam and Jetsam
Nan Mulder explores an enchanting archive recording flotsam and jetsam from the ends of the earth, marking Reinhard Behrens' 40 years of imaginative exploration in Naboland

Artist's Eye
Work and Play
Katherine Jones, winner of the Printmaking Today Prize (2014) at this year's RE exhibition, talks about recent developments in her practice

Artists Books
Sarah Bodman reports on the compassionate and haptic nature of Tim Mosely's book Kanage pholu wanda - a book redolent of the artist's relationship to the rainforest

Cuttings - News and Previews

Colourful Characters
Mark Hampson introduces the teaching of Printmaking at the Royal Academy Schools and notes how the institution has embraced change, most recently in the digital technologies on offer to students

Paper Saints
Arts Jane Waterhouse visits St Cuthberts Mill to learn about the history of the mill and the importance of good quality paper

In Touch with the Past
When four unfinished copper plates surfaced during research for an exhibition, Elizabeth Clayman saw the find as a unique opportunity to make contemporary impressions from plates nearly a century old

Letterpress Lyrics
Andrew Morrison explains how he used fonts as voices to make compeling hand-printed posters featuring the award-winning lyrics of rock star Christ Difford

Passport to Print
Nicole Landstaff reports on the Curwen Studio's move to a former London film studio and its combination with new partners - and look back at its history of relocations

Book Reviews
Peggy Angus: Designer, Teacher, Painter
James Russell