Printmaking Today - Winter 2015 - Issue 96

Year 2015
Volume 24
Issue 96

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Contents Volume 24 Winter 2015 Issue 96

Printmaker's Diary
Weimin He reports on the printmaking scene in Beijing

A Playful Spirit
In an Interview with Tamar Yoseloff, Christopher Le Brun PRA reveals the impetus behind a new series of woodcuts that celebrate colour

Still Lives
Anne Desmet RA RE talks with John Duffin RE about his rich narrative etchings that suggest an ongoing autobiographical film noir of the artist's life and times

Tangled Texts
Angela Gardner reports on the artist Nicci Haynes who transforms language by shifting words from page to pianola rolls, performance and most recently, the kiln

Dreams and Utopias
Nan Mulder visits Marcelle Hanselaar's London studio to discover how her painterly prints capture the make-believe world of the child

Artists' Books
The Heart of the Matter
Sarah Bodman spoke with Marian Crawford at the Artists' Book Event Brisbane about her recent artists' books made as part of The News Network Project

French Connection
Sean Rorke follows in the footsteps of the master printer S.W. Hayter to uncover a selection of France's prestigious printmaking studious

Cuttings - News and Previews

Lino Printing in Kafoutine
A printmaking project has brought economic and artists benefits to the residents of a fishing village in Senegal, writes Trevor Pollard

Happy Accidents
Printmaking Today caught up with Susan Aldworth to find our about her works examining the brain, and the various techniques she used to create them


Slow and Steady
Artist Jess Bugler, winner of the Printmaking Today prize at the National Original Print Exhibition 2014, explains her fascination with reduction linocut, and offers a step-by-step guide

Patients and Printmakers
In May 2015 Simon Ripley went to Austin, Texas, to work with Mobile Art, an organization that delivers art activities to the elderly in care home. He also spent two weeks developing his personal work at Flatbed Press. Interviewed by Wuon-Gean Ho

Treasures on Trust
Alexander Adams explores the remarkable and diverse print collections of the Stadel Museum in Frankfurt am Main

A Blooming Market
Auction News
Romina Provenzi reports on the artists' prints that are attracting the attention of dealers and collectors in the international salerooms

Books Reviews
Eileen Cooper: Between the Lines
Martin Gayford and Sara Lee
Royal Academy of Arts 2015