Printmaking Today - Winter 2020 - Issue 116

Printmaking Today Volume 29 Issue 116 Winter 2020

Printmaker's Diary 
Tanekeya Word founder of Black Women of Print in the USA, on a momentous year culminating with jurying the selection of IPCNY's New Prints

News including a tribute to the London Print Studio

Artist Profiles

Spatial Nightmares
Romina Provenzi interviews Turner-prize nominated artist Paul Noble, who, guided by Simon Lawson at Huguenot Editions, has turned his attention to printmaking

The March of Technology
Ian Chamberlain ARE
creates epic etched monuments to engineering science.  Anne Desmet RA RE looks at his latest work and its recurring themes

Thorny Truths
Simon Martin
, Director of Pallant House Gallery, on Sophie Charalambous, who won the Jerwood Printmaking Today Prize for her monoprint Comings and Goings

Here and Now: Nepal
With its relatively young contemporary printmaking scene now well establish Nepal is reaching out. Claire Cuccio introduces several leading practitioners

Process Versus Product
Sumi Perera RE
has a background in medicine which informs both the form and content  of her intricate and iterative works


Field Workers Unite
Dr Sarah Bodman
talks with David Dellafiora of Field Study International about his inclusive book projects

Printed Waves 
Artists Sonnenzimmer, owen, Donnellan, Wolowiec and Locks create a compelling and genuine dialogue between sound and print, writes Chrystal Cherniwchan

Richard Black RE
Roger Farrand
Agathe Sorel RE

Faced with lockdowns, closed studios and virtual degree shows, graduating students Aiu Kitayama, Anna Mays and Maya Stern created formidable work in unprecedented circumstances

Book Reviews





My Printing Day

Shifting Sands

Two artists, Lisa Chang Lee ARE and Fungai Marima, discuss work made during lockdown, embracing its limitations and finding new ways to work

Year 2020
Volume 29
Issue 116

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